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Parents First Podcast is a channel where psychologist Julia Izmalkowa talks with experts: scientists, psychologists, psychotherapists. What makes these talks interesting is that they are both professionals so there are no bullshit or cliché statements like: “Just be yourself and breathe” when you are about to blow up. Julia loves psychology and treats it as a science so she makes sure that every one of her guests shares very practical knowledge on how to use psychology on an everyday basis to make sure that parents are happy. Because happy parents=happy kids.

EPISODE 01- How to get them to respect your boundaries with Heather Clague


Podcast Parents First episode 1

If you feel unhappy butterflies in your stomach when you have to say NO – you have to watch this episode!
Psychotherapist Heather Clague shares a couple of techniques on how to do it in a kind and graceful way – to yourself and to others. She also answers the questions: Do we always have to be nice?
Is it egoistic to protect ourselves and our boundaries?

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